PRWT Celebrated as One of the Country’s Largest Black Businesses

By Malik Majeed, President, CEO & General Counsel

PRWT is proud to yet again have made Black Enterprise’s list of the country’s 100 largest black businesses.

We have provided consistent business excellence for more than three decades, and lists like these recognize that.  Along with making our clients, employees and communities a priority, we strive to be a model to other black businesses to show that success is attainable, so we take this recognition from Black Enterprise seriously.

We know there are still too few businesses with majority African American ownership.  We try to do our part to change that by both setting an example for other businesses, and putting our money where our mouth is, encouraging and hiring other highly qualified Black-owned firms as subcontractors.  In addition, we engage in discussions at the city and state level around diversity numbers and mentor black students so they see examples in front of them of people who look like them in management positions and running an organization.

It is imperative that we continue to have discussions around this topic, and make sure we are doing everything we can to lift up other minority businesses.

Thank you, Black Enterprise, for celebrating the success of the country’s 100 largest black businesses, and adding an important element to the discussion around minority representation.