University Place Associates and U.S. Facilities, Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership to Create the World’s Largest Corridor of Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Commercial Buildings

University Place Associates (“UPA”) and U.S. Facilities, Inc. (“USF”), a subsidiary of PRWT Services, Inc., Philadelphia’s largest minority-owned company, have announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) whereby USF will provide facility management on 3.0 University Place, the world class new construction project planning to break ground at the end of the year.  The LOI also expresses the companies’ mutual interest in working together throughout all additional projects UPA develops in ‘The Platinum Corridor,’ the area stretching from 39th – 42nd St. on Market St and centered at the 40th & Market Street Transit Hub.

The organizations will have the opportunity to work closely as needed throughout construction to completion, to ensure unparalleled excellence in operations. No corridor of commercial buildings or commercial real estate has set the bar to the highest environment level, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Platinum.

“This is an entirely different approach we are taking with respect to property management in that our facilities management partner is involved even during the construction process,” said UPA Founder and CEO Scott Mazo.

“Developing a world-class commercial building requires many stakeholders and it is critical that they all work together to achieve a truly exceptional result,” said PRWT President and CEO Malik Majeed. “Building to LEED Platinum standards is extraordinary and we look forward to supporting Scott’s vision of achieving not only the highest level of sustainable construction but best-in-class operational efficiencies.”

UPA and USF have a common vision for construction projects that are community centric.

“When we built 2.0 University Place at 41st Street and Powelton Avenue, our approach involved members of the West Powelton Concerned Citizens Community organization to ensure that their needs and concerns were addressed.” said Mazo. “We will take a similar approach for all new projects, including 3.0 and 4.0 University Place, planned for Market Street.”

“Where else do you see this kind of commitment and vision,” commented Majeed. “This combination of responsible construction and care for the community is a standard that we completely embrace.”

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